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Update: I took down the post to avoid confusion. Anyways, there was only 1 rumor and it was posted on twitter. A few days after she posted it, she asked Mike to deny it with a tweet calling the rumor stupid. Since Mike retweeted it, I thought it was real and I made a post(this was yesterday) today, I looked at Mike’s twitter(@mikefisher1212) and he took it down. Bottom line is: the Girl’s crazy.

Just to clarify the post I made yesterday; apparently, the girl who tweeted Mike about the Rumors is the same one who made it up in the first place. I learned that the girl is a stalker of Mike(who probably has a thing for him) who just wanted attention.

Sorry if I mislead you guys!

I’m posting this to clear the air. To anyone wondering, my job is to post anything and everything Carrie related even if they are RUMORS. If ever I do post another RUMOR up, I’ll be sure to update you guys on whether it’s true or not. I’ll be putting a RUMORS section here where I will either confirm or deny that rumor. Guys, these Rumors might be good(eg. New album or something) or bad(eg. Injured,etc)I am here to simply inform you. Once again, I am not in anyway related to Carrie or is a part of her team.